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you and me – POSTCARD #53

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

I’d like to introduce you to collaboration #53 with the gorgeous babe, Coco. The card made me chuckle but of course when I sat down and started writing a story about being topless on the beach I didn’t exactly end up with a summertime romp. Oh well, hopefully that’s why you like me…. maybe even love me?

Yeah, you love me.

But not as much as I love you.



but i want to

The sweat drips down her ribcage and she puts a hand under one breast and flicks the moisture into the sand. She lies back on her towel and parts her legs slightly so they are no longer touching. Her bikini bottoms stretch and the elastic irritates her bronzed skin.

She lights a cigarette and looks down the beach while the stale taste of tobacco swirls around her tongue. No-one was around and she takes a deep drag before extinguishing the remainder into the sand. It sticks up beside the other three she’d already smoked like little tombstones of her time here.

The beach house she was renting had hundreds of them scattered through the yard. Sometimes it was the only way she could tell how long she’d been here.  The first thing she’d done when she’d arrived was to pull out the telephone and turn off her mobile. He would have to find out where she’d gone before he could convince someone to drive him down and confront her. His license had been revoked after he totalled his car high on someone else’s meds.

She lights another cigarette and pulls the string of her bikini, tossing the sodden lycra in the sand.


She turns at the masculine shout. A small, tanned man was awkwardly stomping towards her.


She sits up and squints at him making no move for her bathers as he approaches.

This seems to enrage him further and he shouts that it’s against the rules. There are signs with the rules on them. He shouts for a while before he abruptly stops, his face crumpling, and leaves with slumped shoulders.

When she puts her hand to her face it comes away wet not from sweat but from tears.



you and me – POSTCARD #52

January 31, 2012 6 comments

The ‘You and Me’ postcard project is back after a long, lame hiatus… which to be fair was mostly spent writing a novella that’s hopefully to be published around June to hopefully blow your socks and jocks off.

But back to ‘You and Me’. For anyone that is new or needs a refresher, the deal is this….

A project between you and me. 100 postcards. 100 stories. You send them. I write them. Each one in less than 300 words.

If you’d like to be involved please send me a postcard with a word or phrase written on it. It can be bought, found, made, stolen in any shape you like. Shoot me an email in the contact tab if you have any questions or you’re just the friendly type.

Send postcards to

you and me

PO Box 92

Fitzroy, 3065

Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Sheamus for sending in such a beautiful card and also for being so patient about seeing it up here with its story.



Sometimes he remembers everything.


The sun forces another hairline crack down his spine and hewould smile if he could. His frozen arms grip the edge of the world and he watches the specks below him move with the city around them. Once water rushed through his throat and poured like vomit away from the masonry he perched atop. He would vomit and watch lovers embrace under umbrellas in the rain, their shoes spraying small fountains as they ran. He watched them grow older, their steps less sure, sometimes slipping and breaking a brittle bone, growing into smaller specks until they were gone entirely.

Sometimes they climb and stand behind him, catching their breath at his view, their hearts beating hard from the height, their blood hot in their throat as if they too would lean over and open their mouths wide. Small and great specks lean behind him and have their photograph taken as their decomposing skin flakes onto the ledge beside him. As their skin gathers in funeral piles beside him the specks laugh and clutch his likeness in their hands. They take their proof home and take it out from time to time as they grow smaller and remember how the world looked back then. As the city burns around them. As buildings collapse. As the new specks devour everything and grow large.

Sometimes he knows nothing. Not why the dryness of his throat causes particles of powder to crumble from his empty mouth. Not the ravaged city below as his insides float to the surface. Not that he smiled for the first time as the church shuddered with an explosion and he tilted over the edge. He only knew he would have opened his arms wide as the ground rushed to meet him if he could.

you and me – POSTCARD #51

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

And so we tip over the halfway mark into the abyss with #51 ‘Found In An Old Man’s Belongings’.

Thank you, M from USA.


Found In An Old Man’s Belongings

You know those days where your cat won’t curl up with you? Where it sits close enough to touch, but with it’s back to you.  That’s how Celie was. Her languid body sprawled beside mine but her mind elsewhere. If I ignored experience and attempted to embrace her she would silently endure. Then leap from the bed. I’d watch her saunter down the hallway with an understanding of what all those cat-haters were on about.

Celie didn’t care for pets. That’s how she said it, with her slight accent and proper English.  I told her that was an interesting turn of phrase because that was the whole point – you cared for them. She shrugged and replied that French was far more interesting a language. I stared out the window until Celie sidled up and stroked my face.

Let’s go for coffee, she says, and I could try to resist and make a point but there wasn’t one.

Her eyes soften at an old man sitting with his dog in the café. She sips on her coffee and tells me she will take me to Côte d’Ivoire one day. She’ll show me the markets where her Grandmother used to sell bread and biscuits. My heartbeat thunders in my ears at how casually she says this but before I can answer there is a crash. The old man has dropped his cup and the dog is yapping and Celie is kneeling gracefully beside him collecting broken ceramic and handing him the contents of his spilled wallet. She winces but doesn’t recoil as the dog leaps and licks at her face while the man thanks her.

She sits back beside me and I’ve never wanted to touch her more but I don’t because I understand. Because I’m more of a cat person anyway.



good stuff that’s happened lately

February 2, 2011 4 comments

Some nice stuff that’s made me smile, blush and dork out.

Two of my stories, ‘Big Girl’ and ‘It Tastes Like Rust’  were nominated for The Pushcart Prize thanks to the exceptional lit journals Jersey Devil Press and Gloom Cupboard.

I was also pretty chuffed to have my story ‘Pretty Lady” nominated by Bananafish Magazine for Dzanc Books’ 2011 Best of the Web.

There’s an interview up on Issue 3 of thelma magazine where I talk to Livia Cullen about the You and Me Postcard Project and generally dork out.

Spook Magazine also gave the project some love late last year. If you missed it you can have a peek here.

you and me – POSTCARD #49

January 28, 2011 2 comments

My thanks to Rebecca from the U.S Detroit-area for sending in Postcard #49. Such a cute card, I really wanted to have fun with this one.

I guess I should also thank David Bowie… you know, for everything.

One more card to go until we’re officially at the halfway mark!


Green Apple Wine

Ground Control to Major Tom.

It’s hard not getting the song stuck in your head when we contact him like that. But since the incident it’s best to play safe.

Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Dennis scans the sheet of lyrics before him and I roll my eyes. An IQ of 235 and he can’t remember a pop song.

Ground Control, did you know the stars look very different today?

Tom’s voice comes through our headsets and we lean forward and type furiously, adding data, removing.

DJ Dr. Bones just started a set. I gotta go dance. This is Panda Tom, signing off.

The smell of sour sweat hangs in the air.

Operations have been in lockdown since Tom went crazy. Dennis keeps muttering that robots aren’t supposed to go crazy and kill their crew and think they’re space pandas.

Well Tom did before he even left the station. The ship is still in the hangar but Tom is in deep space.

The program had been simple. Get Tom to make contact. Once contact was established,***Classified***. Then we bring him back.

It’s gotta be a dream.

I roll my eyes again.

Dennis, just focus on your lyrics.

He throws the sheet.

What’s the point?

Because it’s the only way he will answer us.

Ground Control!

Tom suddenly screams and we all clasp our headsets.

Grease Monkey just reported from the engine room that there’s a serious problem with this tin can.

His voice lowered

Also, planet earth is blue.

A charge of static cuts into his pause and the Company announces,

Code Challenger. All staff to safety positions. Code Challenger.

Dennis runs for the door as we crawl under our tables and Tom whispers,

Ground Control, planet earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do.


you and me – POSTCARD #48

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

This year is starting slowly, friends and loved ones.

You ever get those decades you just want to kick in the teeth?

Luckily my words and determination have returned before anyone had to get hurt.

Fresh start >>>>>>>> HERE.

Thank you LMB for sending in this photograph that’s haunted me since it arrived.


Have You Been Here Before?

The knock on her door is loud.

She turns down the radio and doesn’t move until it sounds again. This time with a hesitant triple tap.

She shoves her cigarette in an ashtray resting on an unpacked box and answers the door.

He is her neighbour in the little cul de sac of apartments. He sticks out his hand and offers his name.

Henri with an i is wearing a woollen vest over a crisp shirt.

Aren’t you warm?

She asks and colour floods his cheeks as he looks at the cream slip she’s wearing.

She asks him inside for a cool drink and cracks a tray of ice cubes over the kitchen bench. He lowers his gaze as her breasts move inside the lace of her slip.

She looks down and shrugs.

It’s hot, she says, and passes him an iced tea.

He asks how she’s settling in while looking at all the boxes piled around the room.

The same as always.

She says that she moves around a lot.

You haven’t been out of the house since you moved in.

She asks if he’s been watching her.

He looks trapped but answers that the woman that lived here before her didn’t leave the house the whole time she was here.

She just sat at those curtains and watched everything.

He looks at the yellowing lace and his eyes shine.

She tells him she has left her house. That she works nights at a brothel and usually avoids her neighbours.

They finish their tea in silence and she sees him to the door and watches him cross the courtyard back to his apartment.

Do you know where she went?

She calls out with real concern in her voice.

But he closes his apartment door behind him without answering.


you and me – POSTCARD #47

January 9, 2011 2 comments

“Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort.”

Jean Cocteau

My thanks again to the inspirational force of Gretchen Cello – she also sent in the wonderful POSTCARD #3 ‘Kindred’ way back in the beginnings of you and me and it’s also one of my favourites.



My teeth are falling out. They crumble into my hands in shards. I spit handfuls of them out and sob in between heaves.  They’re sharp. Brittle. Black.

I run my tongue over the teeth remaining and realise it’s not over. More are loose. I cough and a large molar falls into my palm. It’s not discoloured. There are no holes. This tooth shouldn’t be in my palm.

The rest are my fault. I know they were inevitable. The rotting, broken teeth. But this one isn’t fair. I shove the pointy edges back into my mouth, but my gums have already smoothed. Hardened. My tongue runs along the edge, worrying the delicious itch. I press harder and pain overwhelms the itch as a satisfying burst of blood fills my mouth. I swallow the metallic taste and am reminded of your come. The new teeth break through and I try to remember the exact taste of you but the fresh blood running down my throat and chin swamps the memory. I look into the bathroom mirror and laugh at the shadow standing before me. I look at the sink filled with my rotten teeth as new ones emerge and imagine this would be the kind of dream that would disturb you.

I decide when I wake up and roll into your arms, I won’t tell you. I’ll kiss your ribs and remember I shouldn’t tell. If I do I’ll be disappointed by your silence. Your lack of courage. I smile into the mirror, exposing my new bloody teeth and wake with a gasp. My back is covered with a thin film of sweat and I reach through the pillows already deciding to tell you everything before I realise you’re not there.