Annual anthologies, magazines, literary journals, anniversaries and mooks are some of the places my stories reside. Some have real spines you can hold in your hands, others live in the magical land of Xanadu – also known as the internet.

Click on the images to open a new window into somewhere lovely.

Wufniks - Candy Comes Back

birdville magazine - blackberries

Image by Jessica Tremp.

Housefire - The Process of Precipitating Snow

(Image by Jessica Tremp)

Housefire Journal - The Elvis I Prefer To Masturbate To

Housefire Journal - Making Connections

vis a tergo - Glamour

Jersey Devil Press Issue 13 - Hole in the Garden

Gloom Cupboard - It Tastes Like Rust

Gloom Cupboard is an excellent online Literary Journal for the common people.

2010 Jersey Devil Press Anthology – Big Girl

The print and digital edition of the Jersey Devil Press Anthology. It’s awesome. So very awesome.

Other People’s Yards

The Bloody Bridge Review is an amazing online journal of short prose & poetry.

n w v – Shauna Was a Punk

New Wave Vomit – An online journal.

Bananafish – The Last Bird

My second piece published with this excellent online literary journal.

Sleep. Snort. Fuck. Every Full Moon.
Sleep. Snort. Fuck. ‘Yo Yo Girl’

Another for the fantastic filthies at Sleep Snort Fuck.

‘Nice, Hot Vegetables’ [75 words

An online lit journal where my piece ‘Nice, Hot Vegetables’ was part of a challenge to write a story in exactly 75 words.


A flash fiction piece of mine on the online journal that you can go and read right now with your eyes.

Sleep. Snort. Fuck. – he’d be nine now

A fantastic place if you like it a bit filthy.

The Murky Fringe – omnivore

The Murky Fringe are online so you can read this and their other treasures immediately for your instant satisfaction.

Jersey Devil Press – big girl

Jersey Devil Press in an online Journal so you can click here and read the whole story.

Bananafish – pretty lady

Bananafish is an online journal so you can read the whole story there.

fourW twenty – the last bird
Wet Ink Issue 15 – girl in a fishbowl

I also have a short story in Issue 5 of Wet Ink which you can find on the same page.

The Deak Mook: How Do We Die? – no surviving fish
Ten Years Of Things That Didn’t Kill Us – super 8 memories
Greenbeard #1 – other kids
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