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you and me – POSTCARD #53

I’d like to introduce you to collaboration #53 with the gorgeous babe, Coco. The card made me chuckle but of course when I sat down and started writing a story about being topless on the beach I didn’t exactly end up with a summertime romp. Oh well, hopefully that’s why you like me…. maybe even love me?

Yeah, you love me.

But not as much as I love you.



but i want to

The sweat drips down her ribcage and she puts a hand under one breast and flicks the moisture into the sand. She lies back on her towel and parts her legs slightly so they are no longer touching. Her bikini bottoms stretch and the elastic irritates her bronzed skin.

She lights a cigarette and looks down the beach while the stale taste of tobacco swirls around her tongue. No-one was around and she takes a deep drag before extinguishing the remainder into the sand. It sticks up beside the other three she’d already smoked like little tombstones of her time here.

The beach house she was renting had hundreds of them scattered through the yard. Sometimes it was the only way she could tell how long she’d been here.  The first thing she’d done when she’d arrived was to pull out the telephone and turn off her mobile. He would have to find out where she’d gone before he could convince someone to drive him down and confront her. His license had been revoked after he totalled his car high on someone else’s meds.

She lights another cigarette and pulls the string of her bikini, tossing the sodden lycra in the sand.


She turns at the masculine shout. A small, tanned man was awkwardly stomping towards her.


She sits up and squints at him making no move for her bathers as he approaches.

This seems to enrage him further and he shouts that it’s against the rules. There are signs with the rules on them. He shouts for a while before he abruptly stops, his face crumpling, and leaves with slumped shoulders.

When she puts her hand to her face it comes away wet not from sweat but from tears.


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