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HOUSEFIRE HAPPINESS – Nouns of Assemblage Release

If I really was a wolf instead of just a lamb that eats them, I would be howling in happiness right now, strutting around on my hind legs swinging my pocket watch that I keep in my waistcoat.

The words are going well. My favourite artist told me I was their favourite writer last night.

I wish I had recorded it so I could listen to the phrase all day like a creep.

Instead I’m going to show you something just as wonderous. The babes at HOUSEFIRE have released their FIRST BOOK, a collection that I’m lucky enough to be included in, and it’s a DOOZY.

“NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE, 222 pages of stunning fiction, rad poetry, clever witticisms, and slick design, can now be yours to own forever. Stories include AN AMBUSH OF TIGERS by Kevin Sampsell, A BUILDING OF ROOK by Matthew Simmons, A HUDDLE OF PENGUINS by J. A. Tyler, A BUSINESS OF FLIES by xTx, A SMACK OF JELLYFISH by Stephen Tully Dierks, AND. SO. MUCH. MORE. Like fifty-eight additional authors kind of more. It’s a pretty solid book.

There are so many of my favourite writers in here, I get prickles knowing that my little NOUN is in there too. You can get yourself a copy here from Amazon for $12.95. Yep, a real live book with a spine and everything.

If I haven’t sold the radness enough by now, try this trailer Riley Michael Parker and Colleen Rowley made.


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