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you and me – POSTCARD #50

Well here we are! Nearly one year later and officially halfway! I’ll try and save the teary Oscar speech for #100 but I would like to thank everyone who’s been kind enough to get on board and play with me. Oh and the Academy of course.

#50 was sent in by a mystery donor from Australia and I think it may have inspired a prologue to #48 featuring poor Henri with an i.

What do you think?


Reach Beyond

The flier could’ve been sitting in the mailbox for days. The edges were curled and water damaged making the words hard to read. The only reason she’d been getting her mail was because of man in the apartment across the courtyard. He kept collecting it and sliding it under her door.

She watched the flier slide onto her floorboards from where she sat in the living room with the drapes closed. It twitched for a moment as if alive and she ran and locked herself in the bathroom, climbing into the tub.

When she emerged, she padded down the hallway on her toes, leaving small wet marks on the floor like animal tracks.

She approached the flier and snatched it up quickly, along with the rest of the mail that had built up beside it, then sat and examined the flier, letting the bills and last notices slide from her lap.

Reach Beyond.

Decide what you want… Develop a new vision… Accuracy guaran…

She pushed a piece of lank hair behind her ear as she turned the page. There were handwritten words scribbled in between the brochure’s information. Underneath the picture of the grinning woman who’d completed the course and changed her life.

…your sperm for toothpaste.

…all over the table…came in little blo…her breasts

She blinked before scanning lower where the red words weren’t smudged.

I know you’re inside.

She pulled her dressing gown tighter as the front doorknob rattled. She ran through the back door as she heard the key click and turn in the front lock, and stumbled through the darkness of her backyard, disappearing down the alley behind.

The man from the apartment across the courtyard opened his own mail at his kitchen table disappointed there had been no mail to collect for his neighbour today.






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