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you and me – POSTCARD #46

Postcard Jim is from the UK and has a thing for postcards too. Check out his site where he does a bunch of fun stuff. It took me a while to come up with a piece for his phrase ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’ It’s one of those songs that creeps me out worse than clowns.


How much is that doggy in the window?

Dr Anderson wants me to talk about the white house with Mum. But I can be quite stubborn so I’m going to talk to you instead. Remember the bathtub in the backyard? I could see it from the window in my room and at night it bubbled with dark shapes. I held on tightly to my little dog and he yelped. You came in and took him away. He wasn’t supposed to sleep in my room. Do you remember his name? Isn’t it silly of me to forget? He was such a darling. All black with little white socks. But he cried when he was locked outside with that terrible bathtub. My allergies have gotten much better. I think it’s the fresh air down here. The second floor was so dusty. Remember when I thought it was haunted? I was quite a sensitive child. Was his name Billy?  He was such a sweetheart. Mum preferred cats. Cats are no use against robbers. A little dog could protect me. Do you think you could sneak one in? Just in case the sounds are not ghosts. I put my head under my pillow every night but I still hear the glass breaking upstairs. I hear the little dog barking. Buster? I wait for Mum to come back downstairs. Thud. I wait under the pillow for the sound to stop. I hum her favourite song. The one I sang at my school concert the day before. The one you missed. I forgive you even though I should hold a grudge. It’s just not in my character. That sweet little dog. I wonder what happened to him. I hope he went to a good home. Dr. Anderson says of course but he can say anything he likes. I do wish I remembered his name.



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