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you and me – POSTCARD #43

This crafty little number was handmade and sent in by the minions of Spook Magazine. A Melbourne based mag shaking the world up in lots of lovely ways.

Oh, and thank you also for the cupcake on the other side, it was delicious.


Can You Tell Our Future?

This one’s different.

She’s wearing gloves and doesn’t move her hands while she speaks. This isn’t good. It’s harder to read when they don’t use their hands. Damn. I’ve been off my game this week.

I look for jewellery. Bingo. A locket. The gloves are black, expensive. I check her shoes. Sensible. Grieving. Damn, you have to be careful with the grievers.

The easiest are the ones that want to know if they’re going to be successful and famous. It used to just be successful but since reality TV, everyone wants it.

Then there’s love. Even if they don’t ask they want to know. Loneliness has weathered shoes. Adequate haircuts. They come again and again. Loneliness keeps my kid in a private school.

I tell her I’m receiving a message from someone no longer with us, and her eyes well up. Bingo.  The message is from a woman, I tell her, but it’s unclear. It might mean more to her, perhaps she could help?

She leans forward and clutches her locket.

Aunt Annie?

I have to suppress a smile at the guilt on her face. Plug pullers are easy money.

Yes, I’m getting a nickname, something like Button, or Blossom? She’s saying she forgives you.

Her eyes are bright.

I was her little Buttercake! She really forgives me?

I tell her what she wants to hear and her face glows as she reaches into her purse. I can feel a big tip coming from this one.

I don’t know how to thank you, she says as she pulls out the knife. I didn’t do it just for the money, she says as she advances in her sensible shoes, I actually really enjoyed it.

I have just enough time to realise why she’s wearing gloves.

Damn. I’m definitely off my game.







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