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you and me – POSTCARD #42

Thank you, Beau Jangles, for sending this gem all the way from La La Land.



Oh my god, it’s Rosie Perez!

I love Rosie Perez.

A shadow falls over the paragraph I’m reading as the sun disappears behind a cloud. I look up from the park bench and try to smile at the stranger and his random statement. I have seven minutes left of my break.

He presses a thick finger against the magazine he’s holding.

Don’t you think she’s amazing?

He sits heavily beside me and I close my novel. His hair is bright copper and tied up in a loose bun. I can see the henna stains around his hairline. My nose wrinkles at the scent of sandalwood.

He grins and lifts his t-shirt sleeve exposing his shoulder.

She’s my fourth favourite.  My first kid’s named Rosie.

The actress’s face is airbrushed in deep blue ink that reminds me of my mother’s china.

He holds out his other arm.

I got Meryl when she finally got her best actress in ’82.

Three minutes left. I grab my water bottle and half eaten sandwich. I can finish it at my cubicle.


His voice cracks on the word.

I have to get back to work-

No. You haven’t seen Marlene or Sophia yet.

I’m sorry-

Please. Just Madonna then.

Two minutes left. I notice his mascara is running.

He stands and lifts his t-shirt over his head as the sun reappears. His whole back is covered by the singer’s face. Her hair tumbles across his shoulders and her lips part open in the middle of his back.

Her inky gaze looks beyond me as he cries quietly.

I got her when my wife got full custody. No visitations.

She’s beautiful.

He sits down beside me again balls his t-shirt tightly in his tattooed hands.

Thank you.

Five minutes late. I put my hand on his shoulder and cover Rosie’s face.



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