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you and me – POSTCARD #38

My thanks to Justin for being one of those dudes that bumps into you and says ‘Hey, I’m gonna send you a postcard for that thing you’re doing’ and really sends one in. Legend.



She dyed her hair red and was too skinny but she had something that men like him couldn’t keep away from. She wasn’t pretty. She had a face that looked too much like his. It sagged in defeat in all the worst places but she could pull it together if she had to. Other men passed them sitting at the bar and sometimes gave her a second look. But that was all. They could always tell she wouldn’t look too hot without her make-up. That her tits might sag and swing out once that halter neck was off.

What would you do without me, huh?

She slurred into his shoulder as they staggered home together out of step.

I guess find another barstool wearing a red wig.

She pushed away from him and skidded to the pavement on her knees. He waited while she got up and tugged at her torn stockings. She held her hands out knowing the sight of blood made him puke.

How’d you like that?

He slapped her just hard enough to her shut up and opened the door to his apartment. She followed him in and filled a coffee cup with cask wine.

He lit a cigarette and searched for a record while she sifted though his junk mail. She held onto a brochure for a long time before holding it out to him.

Why’s this guy standing in front of these tanks?

He flipped the hair that hid his acne scars out of his face.

It’s the Tank Man from Tiananmen Square. You never seen that picture?

She shook her head and held the image close.

What happened to him?

He shrugged.

Fuck knows.

She cried quietly as she swigged from her cup.

He sat beside her and stroked her hair.

  1. October 6, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    breaks my heart

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