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you and me – POSTCARD #23

This postcard was from the awesome Alis Rose from the radtastic blog of the same name. She is one funny woman and if you’re not reading her stuff you should be. I still have the post it note with the scrawled explanation about how she posted it in an envelope to use her works mail-out and not seem weird. Alis, honey, hate to tell you but they might be on to you even without this. xox Thank you for the wonderful collaboration.

Kitty and the Carousel

Kitty was the new girl and she was scared her teeth were going to fall out.  She had these dreams about one getting loose. She’d wobble it a bit nervously and suddenly it would twist off in her hand. Then the rest would start to crack and crumble and she’d be spitting her teeth out in these little shards. I liked listening to Kitty tell her dreams. Mine were boring ones about being late for my Maccas shift after school and junk that made no sense.

When Kitty slept over she’d toss and turn in her sleep and say things like ‘Let them eat BREAD!’ in a French accent. We hung out at Luna Park and visit the guy that sold candyfloss near the bumper cars. Kitty had a crush on him and would hide her mouth behind her hand when she smiled. She made me do all the talking. He’d talk back to me but look at Kitty when he answered.

He was a dope and once we had free candyfloss I’d pull Kitty to the carousel. She’d spread her arms wide saying I was just like Cyrano. I’d say nothing and pretend I knew what she meant.  She’d whip her horse and whoop and parents would take their kids to the other side. She’d grin and forget about the gap in her teeth.

I remember us hugging and crying when she moved. How I promised to write all the time and she promised she’d astral travel to me in her sleep.  That first night I dreamed about my teeth falling out, they tinkled into the sink like Tic Tacs. I woke up in a sweat and put my hands in my mouth the check they were still there. And I never wrote her, not even once.

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