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you and me – POSTCARD #22

This card was sent to me by one of my favourite writers around, Mike Sweeney from New Jersey. It made me nervous having to write a card for him, especially when the words were ‘insouciantly ubiquitous’. Especially when this was the card breaking a mini word block. Hope you enjoy, this one ended up being lots of fun.

insouciantly ubiquitous

They decided to keep us in the lighthouse. All I had to do was pose and smile for their cameras and not eat anything the tourists threw. Like I’m an idiot. It’s right there on a sign in front of my enclosure.

Do not feed the gods.

The reinforced glass was relatively new. There used to be metal bars they’d poke grubby hands through. Like I’d come close enough to touch. Not like Him next door. It was his fault the glass was put in anyway. You’re not supposed to attack the tourists. It’s clearly marked in the contract. The poor man with his spine snapped and everyone taking pictures. My heart would have broken if I had one.

Then there was the time they put us together, I think they sold out for weeks. Then He got tired of being an exhibit. War was everywhere and he was starving.

I hadn’t told them in the interview but my job was boring me, silly. The tourists had no idea. Sometimes the women had a hint. They’d look hard at my eyes, while the men looked everywhere else. It was kind of pathetic.

My handler rolled his eyes while he arranged my hair over my breasts and dropped rose petals between my legs.

No wonder they’re having such trouble if you think like that.

I told him to shut up and his mouth disappeared.

They’d been getting lazier. Not making my job any fun at all. Not even believing in me anymore. Like I was the god damned tooth fairy. My neck twinged as I felt another divorce. No wonder I needed a break.

My handler rubbed my neck silently as the new group trailed up the stairs. And I stretched out on the chaise longue, ready to show them Love.

  1. Mike Sweeney
    June 1, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    As I sit here at the end of the weekend marking summer’s official start in Jersey, I’m smiling. Smiling, a lot. I *love* it, bad pun intended.

    It’s like a beautiful little outtake from one of my favorite novels, American Gods. In fact, I think somewhere Neil Gaiman’s smiling too.

    It was a pleasure collaborating with you. Thanks for taking my two favorite SAT words and turning them into something wondrous and lasting.

    • June 1, 2010 at 4:12 pm

      I’m sitting here rugged up with the heater on and the kitties close by as winter begins to bitch slap us Melbourians around some.
      And I’m grinning so much that you liked it I must look like a moron. xox

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