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you and me – POSTCARD #19

This postcard was sent in my the brilliant artist Faith Hunter of Postcards From The North. If you’d like to send in a postcard via her generous offer, click on the link and contact her, she may have a couple left. This photo just kills me, it’s so beautiful. Thanks, Faith.

the sky has gone out

Pete holds my hand in the dark and it makes it easier to do what we have to do.  He’d like to go on his own but he can’t smell as good as I can. I can smell if the dead thing is too far gone to eat without even touching it now.  His ears are better though and he knows if the feet coming past our shed are grown ups or kids. We never, ever go near the grown ups. They call the dark the Wreckning. I thought it was because they wrecked everything.  Pete said that it was the Reckoning and had something to do with the bible. I didn’t know much about the bible, but was glad that Pete didn’t call me dumb. On the day it happened it was the hay-rolling race on our farm. All the kids came and it was so sunny, maybe the sunniest day in the world. And I was pushing as hard as I could, sweating next to Pete when my eyes started burning real bad. I started crying but I kept pushing coz I knew Pete wanted to win but the burning got so bad I stopped and I ran. Pete kept pushing and the other kids laughed and said I was a baby. When I took my hands away it was dark and I started screaming but the other screams had already started. It didn’t hurt after that and was okay until the Reckoning people came. Our parents hid us in the shed and said they’d be back and we keep waiting. I get scared sometimes. Especially when we have to go out for food because I’m still a bit clumsy and sometimes I stumble, but I never, ever fall because Pete’s holding my hand in the dark.

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