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you and me – POSTCARD #12

This is from the artist/model/action woman  Jo O’Brien and is a postcard of one of her photographic works. You can even buy it for yourself here if you like… be sure to check out the rest of her profile, she’s one talented lady. The title of the piece is the phrase and it evoked so many scenarios I found it hard to settle on one.

the morning after the night before

The Morning After the Night Before

It’s a shitty hotel room that she wakes up in. One of those where the furniture is chipped and the TV bolted to the wall. She closes her eyes against the early morning sun beating through the thin curtains and groans behind lips that exhale a sour taste of the night before. She reaches out for the glass on top of the yellow drawer beside the bed and instead of grasping the tumbler in her hand she knocks it to the floor. It makes a dull thud on the floorboards and the smell of whiskey spreads through the room but the glass doesn’t break. She kicks of the thin blanket with a violent jerky motion and looks down at her naked body. She stares with red eyes at the way her breasts fall and rise with her breath, her nipples raw and red. She stares at her thighs, pale apart from bruises she doesn’t know how she got. She lifts her head to see if he left a note on the drawer but it is bare apart from the empty bottle of Jameson and a digital clock. At least she wasn’t late for work. She blinks rapidly, as if she hadn’t really expected to see anything there, even an apology. She heard him leave when it was still dark and she pretended to sleep through it with her hands clenched between her thighs. She gets dressed with smooth languid motions as her head begins to throb and she finds his underwear beneath her dress. She shoves them in her bag as she fishes out her sunglasses and steps into the sunshine. She will return them to him with her resignation letter at the end of the day.

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