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you and me – POSTCARD #7

Another postcard send via postcards from the north from Daan  from the Netherlands.



I only think about it on Fridays.  At 5pm when the office closes and I go through the last of my inbox and file Monday in small caps next to the correspondence I haven’t answered. I want to start thinking about it before I’ve left my desk, but that is not allowed so I begin a conversation with a colleague. The one called Dave is the easiest and he talks about his wife and the kids and the beer and the couch. The football takes us to the elevator and their holiday in Thailand takes me to my car. He always holds my door and looks down my top as I slide behind the wheel with numb limbs. Once inside I turn up the stereo very loudly and a pop song will play. If I’m lucky it will be a young girl singing. They are the best songs for the first thoughts. I wonder if Rapture has missed me. My shoulders shudder and I place my head on the steering wheel. Once I’m on the highway and out of the city I’m allowed to think about it. The suburbs slip by and a throbbing begins somewhere in my body but it’s impossible to tell where. I turn down the unsealed road and park at the shed that we chose so long ago.  My hands shake as I reach for the set of keys for the locks. Rapture hears me coming and the sound of the handcuffs scraping against the bedposts greet me.

I always ask the question before I approach.

Have you missed me, baby?

Rapture moans yes and I slip out of my clothes and the numbness disappears.

Then the handcuffs exchange wrists and I take my turn on the bed.

  1. March 22, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    i am seriously drooling over these… love.

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