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any road will take you there

david lynch
just went by on a tram
I swear
he had the exact
silver hair
a lady with a golden retriever
please baby
as it digs in it’s heels
tries to drag the collar off
an old man in a van
grins at me
licks his lips
while waiting in traffic
a subaru
stops too sharply
she glares at me
through tinted beige
revving her engine
on the road that guy
got shot on
I step over shit
maybe dog
maybe man
I see the girl working
the street
with a yellow headband
the guys outside the
halfway house
try to bum a smoke
but I’m head down
hands clenched
in the waiting room
I bite
the inside of my mouth
I watch the kid too old
to be be doing that
I hear
like a pig
I blink
there’s a woman
on the floor
breast-feeding a kid
to the chewing of
my cheek
the doc
strides over
offers a big grin
and I wonder
what he’ll say
when I tell him
still looks
like hell

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