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shoes on a wire

I think I’d like someone to throw me up into some power lines.  How great would it be to just hang, relax in the breeze. I’d sway and chuckle at the kids talking about the drug dealer living beneath me. I’d wonder if there really had been a murder. It would be nice to be free of feet. Free of being pounded into asphalt. Kicked off at the end of the day.  I think I’d like the way my laces tangled around each other, making one of those comforting knots that only nimble fingers can unwind. But first they’d have to reach. It would be nice to have some other shoes up there with me. But not too quickly.  I’d be happy to settle for a life of anonymity for a while. Up there, with the occasional person looking up, spotting me and smiling. I bet they’d smile wistfully. I wonder if they’d recognise me.

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